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Denture Problem Solving with Mini Implants

Removable dentures are traditionally problematic for many patients. Lack of suction, daily re-application with adhesives, and changes in fit as soft tissue shrinks all contribute to loose and problematic prosthesis. For patients who have struggled with dentures for years, qualifying for traditional dental implants may be cost prohibitive and not feasible, due to overall oral health problems.

Mini dental implants, however, as designed to work with your dentures and provide the boost in stability that you’ve been missing all these years. Placement of mini implants can address the following:

Loose and Uncomfortable Prosthesis

With customization, your brand-new dentures likely fit well and feel great. However, this effect can diminish over time. As dentures sit on top of gums, rubbing on tissue and not providing stimulation for bone, soft tissue and jaw density deplete. This causes an ill-fit in dentures and requires periodic realignment. Over years of use, this issue can make dentures more of a hassle than a convenience for many patients.

By adding mini dental implants to a jaw arch, patients benefit from improved stability. Dentures will be attached to supports that are rooted in bone, ensuring they feel more natural and stand up to biting and chewing pressure.

Lack of Bone Quality

Your natural tooth roots play an important part of your overall oral health – they stimulate bone to ensure it remains healthy, dense, and supports overall facial structure. When missing all of your natural teeth, lack of stimulation creates bone resorption and alteration of facial aesthetic. Mini dental implants can combat this issue through osseointegration and are still a viable treatment for patients who have already experienced bone depletion. If you’re missing all of your teeth and are struggling with dentures, you can still be a candidate for MDIs.

Lower Dentures Issues

Full dentures on lower jaw arches are notorious for being problematic. While upper dentures include a piece of acrylic that covers the palate, thereby better securing dentures through suction, lower prosthetics do not have the same advantage. Lower dentures are infamous for coming loose and making it hard for patients to eat, speak, and chew. The addition of a few mini implants, though, can create a more positive denture-wearing experience for patients with lower arch prosthetics.

Ask us about mini dental implants! If you have uncomfortable and problematic dentures, mini dental implants offer a viable solution for stability and security. Contact our implant dentist today for more information on how we can help.